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XPoint Wireless is well-suited for new construction and retrofit lighting control projects in covered parking areas, high bay spaces, corridors and stairwells. The system makes wireless fixture-by-fixture or group control simple to deploy since the dimming and switching control is integral to the fixtures.

Sales Sheet Overview

  • Light fixtures and sensors are connected via a proven reliable mesh network
  • Providing redundant message paths and high-speed response, Adura is confidently deployed in a variety of spaces

  • Reliable wireless control that operates without a repeater or active gateway
  • Schedules and group information are stored in the device for immediate and accurate response
  • On-board current monitoring and lamp outage reporting allow for enhanced facility optimization

  • Program and monitor light fixture operation directly from a PC or the web with Unity GX2™ software
  • Additional features include scheduling, configuration and real-time maintenance alerts

XPoint™ Wireless Light Controller
The XPoint Wireless Light Controller makes it more cost-effective to control individual or small groups of fixtures with switching, bi-level step dimming or 0-10v dimming. Lights are on at the desired level when needed; off when not needed.... more
  XPoint™ Wireless Sensor Interface
The Sensor Interface incorporates wireless RF technology using the Adura® Wireless protocol to provide flexible control zoning and the ability to incorporate multiple control strategies in a cost-effective manner.... more
XPoint™ Wireless Gateway
The XPoint Wireless Gateway optimizes network performance and provides a secure channel of communication with the wireless control network. Using the gateway, The XPoint Wireless system can be accessed through the Unity GX2™ web-based application for monitoring, configuration and management.... more
  XPoint™ Wireless Wall Control Interface
The Wall Control Interface replaces conventional wall switches with a smart switch that gives the occupant the ability to control lights to a level appropriate to the situation... more
XPoint™ Wireless Occupancy Sensor
The XPoint Wireless CMRB occupancy sensor is a relay, occupancy sensor, and photo controller all in one device..... more
  XPoint™ Wireless Outdoor Occupancy Sensor
The XPoint Wireless SBOR occupancy sensor is a relay, occupancy sensor, and photo controller all in one device.... more
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