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Chelsea DigitalSwitch
100% Digital
1-6 Factory Engraved Buttons
Pilot and Locator Lights
Switching, Dimming or Scenes ...more
  Universal Indoor Photosensor Chelsea Waterproof DigitalSwitchThe Chelsea Waterproof DigitalSwitch is a 100% digital switch which connects directly to the GR 2400 bus via Cat. 5 patch cable...more
Key DigitalSwitch
100% Digital
1 Engraved Key Input
Pilot Lights
Captive or Non-Captive Key... more
  Brighton DigitalSwitch
100% Digital Switch
which connects directly to the GR 1400 bus via Cat. 5 patch cable with RJ45 connectors
Brighton DigitalSwitches can be ordered... more
KeyEnable™ Switch
100% Digital
Enable/Disable up to 3 Chelsea Switches mounted in the same Gang Box...more
  Knightsbridge DigitalSwitch
100% Digital
1-6 Buttons, Factory Engraving
Custom Pilot and Locator Lights
Switching, Dimming or Scenes...
100% Digital
Wet Location
Vandal Resistant
Optional Pilot Light...

Slider Switch
100% Digital
1 or 2 Sliders per Gang
Locator Light
Dimming Control...
Custom Switches
100% Digital
100% Customized
Push Button and Touch Screens...

Contact Closure Switch
The durable contact closure-based switch will operate any GR 2400 digital device with contact closure inputs...more

Outdoor Digital Photosensor
100% Digital
14 Trigger Points
Global Control for Multiple Zones...more
  Indoor Photosensor
100% Digital
Open or Closed Loop
Dimming or Switching
Local or Global Control...more
Occupant Sensor
100% Digital
Passive Infared (PIR) Technology or Dual Technology
Programmable Time Delay
Total Global Load Control...more
  Photosensor Cards
100% Digital
Converts the 0-10v signal of a photosensor into a digital stream.
Stores "global" switching triggers...more
  Control Panels
Switches/Photosensors Accessories
xCella Wireless
XPoint Wireless

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