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SnapLink™ Latching Relay

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SnapLink™ Latching Relay

GR 2400™ System

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xCella Wireless
XPoint Wireless

The SnapLink™ Latching Relay from LC&D is a single-pole, lighting relay designed to meet the demands of today‚Äôs high-efficiency ballast loads. Like our electrically-held relays, this latching relay can be manufactured to default to open (simulated NO) or to default to closed (simulated NC) upon loss of power. The Normally Closed relay is the default relay shipped unless otherwise noted.


  • New larger contacts allow switching up to 30 amps lighting (ballast, HID) at 277v, 20 amps at 347v and 20amps Tungsten at 120v
  • UL listed for 18,000 amp SCCR (Short Circuit Current Rating) at 277v
  • Eliminates zero-cross circuitry - ideal for many modern types of ballast, particularly HID which can become "core-saturated" when controlled by zero-cross lighting relays
  • New heavy-duty, high-conductivity terminal blocks allow up to 2#8 AWG wires per lug
  • 3 year warranty
  • Since relays are latching, no energy is used to hold contacts, creating less heat

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