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Outdoor Digital Photosensor

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Outdoor Digital Photosensor

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The Outdoor Digital Photosensor is designed for single-zone or multi-zone outdoor lighting control applications. Its global control ability makes it ideal for both simple and complex site-lighting controls. The GR2400 PCC1 2WO is the 2-wire outdoor photosensor is shipped with a Photocell Control Card which may be located anywhere on the GR 2400 Bus. The PCELL 2WO is shipped without a control card to be plugged directly into a Blue Box Master control card.


  • Readout of the photosensor is digitally displayed at the DTC clock and remotely at a PC operating Unity™ Lighting Control Software
  • The GR2400 PCC1 2WO may be programmed with up to 14 different trigger points, each controlling a unique relay group at different ON and OFF light levels in as many as 64 relay panels.
  • The PCELL 2WO operates with a single schedule with a single trigger point to provide photocell ON, timeclock OFF control to a GR 1400 system. This will operate on any relay on the bus.
  • Totally sealed and suitable for wet locations

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