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The Blue Box™

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The Blue Box™

GR 2400™ System

Control Panels Switches/Photosensors
xCella Wireless
XPoint Wireless

The Blue Box system is the 100% digital replacement for traditional time clocks, twist timers and contactor packages. Panels and switches daisy-chain together using Cat. 5 patch cable with RJ45 connectors in any sequence.
A photosensor input supporting the Blue Box outdoor photosensor is provided for controlling exterior lights. Ideal applications include small stand-alone systems such as: tenant improvement, specialty retailers and site lighting. Also used as a remote panel with the GR 2400™ system.


  • 32-channel, 365-day/astronomical time clock. Large display (21 x 8 characters) acts as programming interface for the entire system. Non-volatile memory holds all programming indefinitely. Ten-year battery back-up for time-of-day
  • Modem includes free lifetime factory programming
  • Manual override of individual relays, zones or entire panel. 30 A Latching Relay allows default to NC (normally closed) or NO (normally open) on power failure. UL listed for 18,000 amp SCCR at 277v.
  • Will operate with all GR 2400 accessories
  • Available with 14 option contact closure inputs
  • Link up to 16 digital devices via Cat. 5 patch cable with RJ45 connectors


The Blue Box is the digital solution to contactors and twist timers. Why? Simply put, it costs less, is easier to install, and after-market support is free. The Blue Box is UL listed and ready for installation – no parts to assemble, and it arrives pre-programmed.

One Blue Box can control lighting for most small commercial projects and complies with every single energy code in the USA. Specialty retailers, small warehouses, parking lots and other comparably sized applications all regularly take advantage of the Blue Box for energy code compliance. For slightly larger projects, several Blue Box relay panels can be linked with Cat 5 cable. On and off times are scheduled from a single Blue Box for multiple (up to 16) panels, simplifying maintenance and installation.

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         Contactors and Twist-Timers:

Typical analog-based “star topology” requires more costly line voltage wiring
Override switches require extra components and wiring
Number of contacts on each contactor must be sized to keep zones under 5,000 ft.2
Schedule changes are expensive when they have to be done by a contractor

         The Blue Box:

A single Master Panel can be used to control other Blue Box panels on the bus through the DTC
Input for a photocell and override switches for greater connectivity
Meets all the new local energy code requirements for indoor or outdoor lighting
Typically costs at least 20% less to install than lighting contactors and timers

         Digital Controls are Easier to Specify:

The Blue Box comes with 8 or 16 single-pole lighting relays which can be re-grouped or re-zoned at any time through remote programming
Override switches and other relay panels can be connected digitally with Cat. 5 cable with RJ45 connectors
Up to 16 panels can be linked together to create a single point of scheduling and programming
Panels can even be located in separate buildings

Scalable and Flexible
Our systems are scalable because panels and devices are 100% digital. One system can be specified for projects of any size. And since Blue Box panels can be linked together to share one astronomical time clock (or photosensor), you won’t have to replace the entire system if the square footage of the project increases. The system is flexible, so you just add on additional Blue Box panels to satisfy changing demands.

Application Guides
Small Commercial Buildings
Parking Lots
Specialty Retailers



Easy to Specify
Based on many successful designs, LC&D has put together several integrated lighting control solutions for a number of design applications (such as schools, and specialty-retail projects) that are proven effective. We’re dedicated to putting our extensive lighting control experience to our customer’s advantage!

Ease of Installation
One of the biggest benefits of specifying digital controls is that most line voltage wiring is eliminated and replaced with less-costly Cat. 5 cables. Not only does this save money on materials – Since the low voltage cabling is connected via RJ45 connectors, installation is a snap!

Customer Support
Another huge benefit of our digital lighting controls is that systems equipped with a modem are accessible over the Internet. This allows LC&D technicians to dial into your lighting controls to:

Verify that design intent is accomplished through remote commissioning
Troubleshoot to assure that systems operate as intended
Run reports to validate system performance
Change on/off schedules as needed








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