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We offer a complete line of easy to use relay panels, digital switches, graphical software, and other accessories to make the GR 2400 system controls easy for anyone to use.



Switches & Photosensors


Wireless Systems


Tech sheets & Manuals

Use the Unity Software to graphically manage a complete lighting control system in real time locally from a panel or remotely from a PC.

Bright ideas on how to design the best system to save the most energy.

Control Panels Switches/
Wireless Systems Accessories &
Link-To™ Cards
GR2400™ Relay Panel
100% Digital
Up to 32 or 48 relays
Master or Remote Panels
Normal or Emergency Power
Chelsea DigitalSwitch
100% Digital, 1-6 Factory Engraved Buttons, Pilot and Locator Lights, Switching, Dimming or Scenes
xCella™ Wireless
Designed for small room applications like classrooms, offices or hotel rooms, xCella Wireless offers plug-and-play functionality and is ideal for new construction or retrofit projects.
DigiLink™ Contact Closure Interface
100% Digital
Fourteen dry-contact closure offer global control of all digital devices.
Unity2™ Lighting Control Software
Bundles Design, Programming and Management of lighting controls.
The Blue Box
100% Digital
8 or 16 relays
Replaces contactor panels
Master or Remote Panels
Normal or Emergency Panels

Chelsea Waterproof DigitalSwitch
The Chelsea Waterproof DigitalSwitch is a 100% digital switch which connects directly to the GR 2400 bus via Cat. 5 patch cable

XPoint™ Wireless
Wide area wireless control designed for larger spaces like parking garages, manufacturing facilities and stairwells and corridors, XPoint Wireless integrates occupancy sensors, daylight harvesting and switching to deliver reliable lighting at minimum cost.
T-Link™ with Intelligent Thermostat
100% Digital
Complete Remote
Control of up to 32 thermostats from 1 T-Link card.
Unity GX2™ Graphical Lighting Control
Takes graphical management of your lighting controls to the next level.
The Blue Box™ LT
100% Digital
Three enclosure sizes to meet any requirement:
Up to 4, 8, or 16 relays
Replaces contactor panels
Master or Remote Panels
Normal or Emergency Panels
Brighton Digital Switch
100% Digital Switch
which connects directly to the GR 1400 bus via Cat.
Link-To™ Building Automation
100% Digital
LC&D offers two methods of building automation interface (contact closure, DDC)

XPoint Router
Controller for XPoint Modules
Fixture-Level Digital Control
100% Digital
One or two XPoint Router cards
Up to 128 XPoint Modules per card
Up to 96 switching zones or 16 dimming zones per card

Knightsbridge DigitalSwitch
100% Digital
1-6 Buttons, Factory Engraving
Custom Pilot and Locator
Switching, Dimming or Scenes
Link-To™ PC / Ethernet
100% Digital
Allows a desktop computer to use LC&D Software to connect to the GR 2400 system.
    Link-To™ DMX
100% Digital
Fourteen DMX addresses offer global control of all digital devices.

XPoint Module
Fixture-Level Digital Control
100% Digital
Individually addressable relays for ultimate flexibility
Available in multiple types including:
Single, Dual and Dimming

KeyEnable Switch
100% Digital
Enable/Disable up to 3 Chelsea Switches Mounted in the same Gang Box
Link-To PC RF Kit
A complete kit to allow remote communication to a GR2400 system over a dedicated radio frequency
MicroPanel™-iDH and -iDIM
100% Digital
2 or 4 relays/dimmers (0- 10v)
Distrubted Controls
Smart Intergration
Daylight Harvesting
Slider Switch
100% Digital
1 or 2 Sliders per Gang
Locator Light
Dimming Control
Link-To™ Analog & Digital Inputs
100% Digital
Four closure and three analog (0-10v) inputs offer global control of all digital devices.
Academy Pack
Academy Pack is a complete, stand-alone, dimming/switching control solution.
SwitchBolt Digital Switch
100% Digital
Wet Resistant
Vandal Resistant
Optional Pilot Light
  MetaServer™ and Uplink™
100% Digital
A gateway that provides internet access to as many as 32,000 digital lighting control devices.
Hotel Pack
Card Key Switch enables power for Hotel rooms. The infra red card detector never wears out.. Provides a signal to the cost-effective Hotel Pack Relay Panel.
Custom Switches and Controls
100% Digital
100% Customized
Push Button and Touch Screens
  Link-TO™ GRAFIK Eye®
100% digital interface card that directly controls and receives status on all devices within a Lutron® Grafik Eye® 3000 or 4000 system.
The MicroPhase
100% Digital
MicroPanel Accessory
Convection cooled, no fans required.
Single 20 amp or dual 10 amp capacities per module
Contact Closure Switch
The durable contact closure-based switch will operate any GR 2400 digital device with contact closure inputs.
  Modem Switch
Makes the most of a single phone line by making it available to the phone, a fax and/or a modem.

SmartBreaker Panel
100% Digital
Up to 42 Cutler Hammer Breakers
Master or Remote Panels
Normal or Emergency Power
Indoor Photosensor
100% Digital
Open or Closed Loop
Dimming or Switching
Local or Global Control
  Bus Booster
The Bus Booster is used on the GR2400 System when the distance between switches and a relay panel cause voltage drop.
DMX512(a) Relay Panels
100% Digital
DMX Only Panels
2-48 relays
Normal or Emergency Power
Up to 480v/20a loads
Outdoor Digital Photosensor
100% Digital
14 Trigger Points
Global Control for Multiple Zones
Maximize lighting controls with run-time and event logging.
Schedule lamp changes based on usage and life expectancy.

DMX SmartBreaker Panel
100% Digital
DMX Only Panels
Up to 42 Cutler Hammer or SquareD Breakers
Normal or Emergency Power
Occupant Sensor
100% Digital
Passive Infared (PIR) Technology or Dual Technology
Programmable Time Delay
Total Global Load Control
Emergency Shunt Relay
Safely Switch Emergency Lighting at the Wall Switch
Shunt on Emergency Lights
20a, 277v
Photosensor Cards
100% Digital
Converts the 0-10v signal of a photsensor into a digital stream
Stores "global" switching triggers
Dual Voltage Switch
Switch dual voltages with a wall switch
20a, 277v
Key DigitalSwitch
100% Digital
1 Engraved Key Input
Pilot Light
Captive or Non-Captive Key
SnapLink™ Latching Relay
Up to 30a @ 277v, 20a @ 347v
UL rated for 18,000 amp SCCR
3 Year Warranty
Wireless Receiver
100% Digital
The Wireless Receiver works together with the Wireless Switch (WRSWT) and/or the Wireless Photosensor (PCELL WRI). The GR 2400 Wireless Receiver is powered by the GR 2400 bus (12VDC).
100% Digital
Increases allowable track lighting and meets energy code requirements for many states.
SnapLink™ Relays
Footprint of two-single pole relays
when mounted in the SnapTrak
within the relay panel.
GR2400™ Relay Panel with Surge Protection
100% Digital
Pre-wired, Factory Assembled Relay Panel/Surge Suppression
GR2400™ Relay Panel/Breaker Panel
100% Digital
Prewired, Factory Assembled
Relay Panel/Breaker Panel
GR2400™ Relay Panel/SilverBullet
100% Digital
Pre-wired, Factory Assembled Relay Panel /Circuit Current Limiter
GR 2400 Master Controller
100% Digital
GR 2400 Systems with distributed control do not always require a Master panel whihc would contain the DTC Clock.) In these situations the DTC Clock is mounted by itself in its own enclosure with a power supply in the base.
XPoint LT
XPoint LT is a low cost option specifically designed for small scale XPoint projects where 128 or less XPoint modules are needed. XPoint LT combines the GR2400 DTC, GR2400 Modem and XPoint router card into one enclosure.

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