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All of our digital lighting controls equipment may be linked using Cat. 5 patch cable with RJ-45 connectors. Daisy chaining our devices during installation just got alot easier.

Connecting Digital Devices


The GR 2400 system is connected through a digital bus which sends and gathers information from the digital devices on the bus. Daisy chain relay panels and digital switches using the RJ45 connectors to make connections between digital devices considerably easier.

RJ45 connectors are faster to make, easier to test, and are therefore more reliable. Making RJ45 connections requires a high quality RJ45 crimp tool and the correct type of RJ45 connector for Cat. 5, 4 twisted pair, stranded cable. In addition, a cable tester that can test terminated wires already in conduits is a must. For example the one shown at this link.

Each digital device comes with two RJ45 connectors which are parallel. It doesn't matter which one is used as "IN" or "OUT".

Before hooking up the bus, make sure to test the cable with an RJ45 remote tester to ensure that wiring was done correctly. This handles 99% of wiring problems.

With the proper tools, using RJ45 connectors to connect your lighting control system can drastically reduce installation time and troubleshooting.

  Typical RJ45 connection to a relay panel. Typical RJ45 connection to Chelsea switch.


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